Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase, 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel I love these types of panels. Especially during hurricane season here. This is a monocrystalline solar panel in a briefcase that folds. Made or rigid anodized aluminum with tempered glass. It can also recharge the Goal Zero Portable Power Stations.

The lightweight structure of aluminum makes it perfect for moving around. For example hiking to a campsite or cabin you notice quickly the weight of all your gear.
Nothing is needed with this unit like a charge controller when you plug in to the Yeti Portable Power station by Goal Zero. With that said it can also be chained along with other solar panels to improve your charging time.

This briefcase model features a kickstand for quick set up. Adjusts quickly and easy to turn as you track the sun if you need to. The carrying case also serves as a way to protect the solar panel when not in use or in transit.

Everything included is built to hand the elements which is a nice improvement. I remember complaints from people over at amazon on some other brands years back. Has a nice handle. Technical Specifications
Solar Port (blue, 8mm): 14-22V, up to 7A (100W max).

Rated Power: 100W.

Open Circuit Voltage: 18-22V.

Weight is 25.9 lbs. or 11.7kg

Dimensions are 49 x 26.75 x 1.75 in or 101.6 by 70 by 4.4 cm Warranty is 1 year.

UPDATE: Looks like the 400 is the newer model now according to Amazon:


Goal Zero seems to keep their customers for awhile. I was looking at an article where a guy loved the Boulder 90 and picked up a Boulder 100. These were to go with his Yeti 1000 which it natuarally would charge quicker using two. He wasn’t daisy chaining, he was able to use separte ports on the Yeti which has multiple ways to charge it.

Like I was saying earlier with the stable stands that come with the Boulder 100 moving around for maximum sun time is easy with these units. If weight is an issue as in you need something real lite then you can pick up the Boulder 50. The person lives in New England and loses power 6 to 7 times a year because of snow and ice storms. When I lived in the Boston area that wasn’t a problem but I know it was for people west of us out of town. Especially the ice storms weighing down the power lines.

Picking for a 30ft extension cable on the Boulder 100 is a good idea also. Another thing about Goal Zero is they are known for excellent customer service. They want their product to continue to succeed so they make it easy to contact and get the right info. Like anything else it may cost a bit more but that’s because you’re buying real quality. Excellent reviews at Amazon and people are happy with build quality.

Now that I live in Florida I will pick up one because when the hurricanes come through here which can be about 3 times a year, the power can be out for awhile. And with the compact size it’s easy to store which I don’t have a lot of room now to store large panels and keep them safe.

His 2 panel system was working well with his lights, computers, a fan and even recharges a 400 watt battery for all night useage on essential equipment.

Very Informative Video direct from the Company

Very Informative Video direct from the Company

Video Transcript

Our new Boulder solar panels got a little bigger a little stronger and alittle more powerful. The Boulder 50 is replacing the old Boulder 30s and our
Boulder hundreds are now replacing our old Boulder 90s. We’ve got a nice ecosystem going here. We’ve still got the tempered glass the aluminum frames and now reinforced corners to be able to go out and play wherever you happen to be out there. so our new Boulder lineup all comes with integrated kickstand. these will allow you to tilt your solar panelto point them at the Sun for more solar production. it’s pretty sweet just on a nice little hinge so this kickstand folds in flush with the panel and as you pull it out you just lean the solar panel back point it towards the Sun and you start producing and charging your batteries.
the kickstand is built so it’s integrated to a little less than a 45 degree angle. since most solar panels and most outdoor play happens in the summer time we wanted to capture more of that summer sun.
when it’s more direct overhead and less out on the horizon so we try to optimize this angle for your benefit. so we’ve made a decision to get away from the mc4 cables and stick to the eight millimeter barrel jacks.
this is going to be a safety precaution so that we can only change our panels in parallel so everything stays at a nice safe 12 volts for the user. with our eight millimeter
chaining cable we can chain up to four of any of our solar panels here that have the eight millimeter barrel jack to plug in through the anderson power pole.
just grab the barrel jack from the solar panel as you plug it in make sure you push hard enough to hear it snap into place and that’s going to give you a nice strong sturdy connection. to make sure that you’re always transmitting power to your battery.
as you can see our panels come in slightly different form factors between the 50 100 and the 100 briefcase. the briefcase has a sweet carrying handle so it can go wherever
you go and it comes with a bag so you can stuff the panels in there keep them nice and safe from getting scratched while you’re out traveling.
the boulder 50 and the boulder 100 both have the kickstand which is a sweet tilt option for portability but that kickstand is also removable just in case you do want to permanently. mount these solar panels to any roof and those are our brand new Boulder solar panels with improved features and abilities.