The Solar Power Inverter

Considering the fact that nearly all present day appliances operate on 120 volts AC, the inverter is the central core within your solar powered energy system. It not only just transforms the low voltage DC to 120 volts AC that runs most home appliances, but also charges the electric batteries if linked to the electric utility power grid or even an AC power generator as in the case of a stand-alone solar powered energy system. There are different kinds of inverters.

Modified Sine Wave Solar power inverters

It is the most commonly used and pocket-friendly type of power inverter. It produces an AC waveform ranging between a square wave and a pure sine wave. It may not work well with some electric appliances that use motor speed regulators or timers.

True Sine Wave power inverters

This kind of inverter in most cases emits cleaner power than an electric power utility company. It runs any type of AC equipment and is therefore the most expensive; it is nearly twice the cost of a Modified Sine Wave Inverter. It can automatically adjust as the AC loads require. It is the most appropriate for a normal home which uses a variety of electrical appliances.

Grid Tie Power Inverters

This inverter is used where you are connected to a normal electric power company but you want to harness some free solar power to reduce your electric bill and you do not necessarily need a completely independent system.
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Input voltage Considerations

So when should you use a 12, 24, or 48 volt inverter? The key concern when determining the input battery bank voltage of your inverter is the distance between the solar panel and the battery bank. The greater the voltage, the lesser the current and the smaller the cables need to be. When you choose a system voltage, the inverter, solar panels, and battery bank need to use similar voltage.

Square Wave power inverters

If you are looking for a cheap option then this is the inverter for you, however beware, for it is the least efficient type for many home appliances. These inverters are normally, 500 watts or less, and utilize an automotive cigarette lighter plug-in.

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