With hurricanes this year and me living on the coast of sunny Florida, I’ve been researching portable power generators. I always look for solar first. There’s one generator/inverter I’ve been thinking about ordering so I started researching.

A 100 watt renogy panel is recommended if the solar option is used on this Paxcess brand generator-inverter. When I started looking at it I realized the input to the unit is like a mini plug so you need a plug adapter right away and that usually makes me cringe. The one they recommend though has excellent reviews so it must be sturdy. It is nice to have access to a 100 watt panel.

This unit also has plugs for the wall AC or car battery (cigarette lighter adapter). So really you’re covered in a lot of different situations. Emergencies is my main focus like I was saying but the more I read, I realized this is for people that travel a lot or working photographers for example. See video below.

Not only does it have all the options for charging the specs were quite impressive and it’s ability to multitask the outputs. The weight is only 3.3 lbs! That’s an interesting weight for 150WH (3.7V 40800mAh/12V 12800mAh) lithium batteries. That’s not shabby at all considering it’s not much bigger than 2 lattern batteries and about the same weight. Smaller than a car battery but able to give some hump to your charging capabilities. The smaller size and fast charging times makes it ideal for travel.

Not only does the AC output have US receptacle, it has the 3 prong for other country devices. 3 DC output jacks and 2 USB outputs. Nice LED readout that lets you see what you’re doing.

Here’s one at Amazon

Another reason I’m pulling the trigger on this one is there’s so much lithium power. As you know in the consumer market, the lithium battery is very established for reducing weight in exchange for power. The charge time is less and probably most important is the life of charging is excellent. So to get this much 3.7V 40800mAh/12V 12800mAh is great!

Here’s a video by someone that travels a lot and he seems impressed. Also he’s used a lot in work and travel.

Video Transcript

hello amazon.com it’s me bow Sheva – today I am coming to you on the road because I’m always on the road with Knox to do this power bank which is 48,000 milliamp hours to put that in perspective that’s about 24 I phone seven and for a typical 15-inch MacBook Pro that’s about five to six charges or battery equivalent in here now I would be more conservative when in fact you are using this to charge a laptop computer actually I just pushed on right there and you can see the little display size a little shiny and if we were just lick the AC output right there which is what you want alternating current the equivalent of plugging it directly into your house and then you would plug it right there in on the side where it says AC output now do note that this isn’t necessarily designed for hair dryers or anything that sucks a lot and takes a lot of juice um but if you are just charging let’s say your iPhone or some camera batteries as I do with our nonprofit charity studio or just kind of topping off your laptop I would highly recommend this as I mentioned earlier I would err more on the side of being conservative with this even though it says that it’s about five and a half macbook pro equivalent i would say that it would be more so around three to four full charges on your MacBook Pro simply because there’s a lot of other variables that come into play for example you would probably be on your Mac as you are actually charging it so it’s not directly one-to-one but this is the largest power bank I have ever tested and I’ve had a lot of different different power banks there is a little button right there with a flashlight the flashlight honestly there’s two settings is that one and then there’s that one it’s just a gimmick it’s not that bright I’d say a scented candle is brighter but on the side over here you will see little USB ports which I can plug this in and I’ve been charging my iPhone all day even though I could charge it in my car but when I’m doing work out in the jungles of Sierra Leone I don’t have any power near me so I am going to use something like this first impressions of this it’s remarkably lightweight I thought this was going to be like a car battery I can throw this around as a matter of fact I think there’s quite a bit of empty plastic in there this handle for example which takes up what arguably 30% of the space is well it’s empty it just feels completely empty so I wish they kind of trimmed down some of the space but you know that you can tell they’re trying to make it look robust and on the bottom there’s a little sticky pads not super sticky but just to prevent it from sliding around too much in the event that you are in an earthquake in Nepal as far as I could tell in my test it does have an auto off feature so if you unplug this it should automatically turn off in a few minutes or you can just push that and it will turn off completely to conserve battery space so that’s it my small down and dirty little demonstration and how I use this personally which is on the road I’d highly recommend it if you’re going especially to developing countries where they do not have good good power grid for example Asia I just got back from Cambodia and Nepal and this is 110 output basically the equivalent of the United States again don’t use it for your hair dryer but over there you would need an adapter to step it down because it’s twice as powerful over there in Asia and I saw so many people try out some of their electronics it was the worst thing ever I supposed to have something like this which you’re like yes it says right there on the bottom AC output 110 volt 60 Hertz and so there you go highly recommended especially for Americans who are travelling in developing countries anyway hey I’m going to go I’m going to go buy a camera right now from a guy named Frank you go by no time you

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