UniSolar Panels Unisolar makes state of the art solar products. Established in 2007, producing systems such as Roof or Panel Grids on Mounts. Unisolar technology has an integration process that reduces electric consumption in the process of collecting light and inverting it to usable electricity.

They are also known for Solar outdoor lighting systems as well as portable charging systems. They even produce solar traffic and street lighting equipment. Since 2008 Unisolar has been making peel and stick solar panels that are in demand. Some are used as roofing since it has a 185 mph wind rating.

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The eBay marketplace is one of the best websites to acquire top quality products at the best prices. They also have a great refund policy so you'll have a secure feeling when buying on-line. Several other websites will often have loads of advertising that appears superior but it is the details where you always find a problem.

Unisolar makes nice peel and stick solar panels also. Very flexible and in demand at the moment. You can carry around easily or put in a cart, back of truck, it's endless how maneuverable these are. They work great in low light situations also. I haven't read a lot on how well they work when partially blocked but since they are portable that shouldn't be too much of a problem. (if you're go with that type)

There are other unisolar panels available. Wind is quickly becoming less of a factor with a lot of solar products these days also. Here's the real reason I like them. Unisolar has some models that are glass free. Not worrying about cracked cells by getting hit too hard is a huge plus. Use them anywhere, RV's , boats, cabins, even moving around in the yard or patio. They are made in the United States so shipping and any problems can be quickly addressed.

Unisolar is known for working in all kinds of situations. Partial shade, hazy days, etc. The PVL-128 and PVL-136 are popular model numbers but any of them really are a good deal. Even know Unisolar went under you can still find their stock on different sites.

It has a fantastic reputation of holding up from continuous use. Output stays good. There are precautions but overall it was/is an excellent panel to locate. It's widely known that when Unisolar threw in the towel there were stockpiles of inventory around like I was saying earlier. The good news is places like eBay has lots of it...SEE ABOVE

Sometimes you can find really good prices for several of these panels. You can consider them new, they may have some years of sitting someplace but they were made so well it's defiantly worth looking in to. You will want to make sure the voltage output of the panels is what you can work with but a lot of people figure this out because of Unisolar reputation of holding up. You will all your external components to match up like controllers and inverters.

Some panels are made with MC3 connectors and some with MC4 connectors. Some just had 2 wires out of the bottom. Like any business that is no longer around, Unisolar panels will have to warranty but they are known for lasting decades so this shouldn't be an issue unless they are damaged somehow. Some people refer solar roof shingles because of their 18 foot length. The way they would lay out on the roof.

Some people buy a whole pallet of these panels when they can find them. It's another reason I constantly check out eBay because that is where they show up lots of times. Their portability is excellent. They have been know to withstand being rolled up again and again and still have excellent output. As their legend grows because of all the good reviews on the net, the prices on anything unisolar is going to go up.

As I was saying earlier about Unisolars shingles (if they can be found) are in demand. They have received awards like Popular Science's Grand Award and the Teleological Innovation Award by Discover Magazine. Almost anyone in solar envisions the day that solar components on a roof serve double duty as protection and a generation point for electricity. You would think this would be common place but not quite yet. Unisolar shingles have a blending pattern inherent as traditional asphalt shingles. From my research, UniSolar products are not affected by temperature as much as other brands. In an optimized system they have been know to outperform similar brands. Some reports talk of 20% more output whit factors of shade and cloudy days, etc.

The importance of keeping your new panels clean at all times:
Power capability of a solar panel can be decreased up to 30 percent when it is dirty. So keeping them clean is very important to get maximum output. See manufacture's website for tips on cleaning correctly to get years of service out of your panels.

But once they've reached their peak and start declining in output, most of the parts in solar panels can be recycled. Recycling includes semi conductor materials or glass and large amount of non ferrous and ferrous metals. Some private institutions and non profit organisations are currently involved in recycling operations of solar panels. Recycling possibilities will be based on what kind of modules is used that is silicon based modules or non silicon based modules.

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