Stick and Peel Solar Panels
Peel and stick solar panels were first developed in 2008 by an Irvine construction company known as Lumeta. Many solar companies among them Uni-Solar and others have also taken to manufacturing peel and stick solar panels since then.

Peel and stick solar panels have an adhesive back which is normally pressed against a roof during installation. The peel and stick are able to adhere tightly to the roof courtesy of the strong adhesive that is added on their back. They stick flat on the roof and are able to withstand the wind and not fly off. The manufacturers of peel and stick solar panels usually indicate their wind rating.

Uni-Solar’s peel and stick roof panel for example has a wind rating of 185 mph.

These solar panels (also know as laminate solar panels) have come as a relief from the difficult task of installing the normal type solar panels. Regular type solars have to be mounted on a rack and someone has to use a bolt and nut here and there and also hammer or drill. Installation of peel and stick roof panels is however easy. You just have to take the panel out of its packaging, place it on its back, press it hard against the roof, and roof you are done!

Peel and stick solar panels require a flat roof to ensure that the panel sticks firmly on the roof. The stickiness of the peel and stick solar panel can however not be doubted. According to CalFinder Solar, they are compatible with metals, tar, and single-ply roofing membranes.

P/S stick solar panels stick best on metal roofs, their sticky modular adhere best on metallic surfaces than on other materials used for roofing such as tiles and concrete.

Peel and stick solar panels are thinner than traditional PV solar panels. They therefore do not collect rain water. They however have some drawbacks when compared to the traditional solar panels. First of all, they are not protected in any glass casing. This means that they can be easily damaged by the elements such hailstones and snow. Secondly, because they are stuck flatly on the roof and are not angled in any way, they can sometimes fail to attract the rays of the sun. The intensity of lighting may decrease by a small percentage when traditional solar panels are substituted with the peel and stick forms.

In addition to the other drawbacks, some solar users usually complain that the peel and stick are not as aesthetically attractive as the traditional solar panels. In spite of not being attractive enough on the roof top, the peel and stick solar still has the advantage of minimal interference with the roof. It doesn’t include any hammering work that may introduce holes on the roof.

Peel and stick solar panel is just but one of the many evolutions in solar. Thanks to technology, there are nowadays even mobile solar panels. One can carry these portable solar panels with them wherever they go and even use them to do things such as phone charging or plugging in a laptop.

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