The HQST 100 watt 12 volt solar panel is a durable yet lightweight solar panel used for the common household, recreational vehicles, mobile homes,caravans and even boats. It can sustain high pressure winds and or large snow loads, it even works well in low light areas so it’s perfect for cold environments. The panel itself is made up of thirty-six poly-crystalline solar cells with a thin layer of tempered glass protecting it from outside forces.

The solar panel has a waterproof junction box so there’s no need to worry about rain or low pressure power washers. It’s easy to install on your camper or boat, there’s already pre-drilled holes for easy installation for any intended use. The solar panel is fairly light only weighing about 16 pounds. When the solar panel is under full sun light it can produce a steady current, even in lower light areas it will still produce a fairly steady flow of energy. Out of one hundred and thirty one reviews on the solar panel has a 4.8 out of 5 stars showing the effectiveness of the panel. One review from a solar panel installer was surprised at the quality of the solar panel for it’s cheap price. Coming in at $134.99 the HQST 100 watt 12 volt solar panel won’t break the bank and will still provide a quality source of energy.

This solar panel is perfect for the travelling person, instead of having to buy gasoline and tug along a heavy and expensive generator, you can just install this solar panel and have the same if not better power output. These are great panels for someone who wants to get into solar panels but doesn’t know where to start. If you’re just looking to save money on your utility bill, this solar panel will do your electric bill wonders for the one time purchase.

These panels can attached to one another, so when you want to get more you can just simply buy more panels. The panels have an excellent aluminum mount to help hold them in place while on steep roofs or uneven surfaces alike. One solar panel can produce up to 100 watts of power. The maximum system voltage is 600 volts DC. Although the optimum operating voltage (Vpm) on just one panel is about 17.8 volts. The optimum operating current (Imp) is about 5.62 amps. The open circuit voltage (Voc) is around 22.4 volts. Short circuit current (Isc) is about 5.92 amps. The solar panels dimensions are: 39.7 x 26.7 x 1.4 inches and only weighs a remarkable 16 pounds.

The panel has a anti reflective coating meaning it will trap as much light as possible. The panel also has low iron tempered glass, which is a high clarity resistant glass. One panel is enough to charge a few batteries everyday but you can create a system of panels to get maximum output power. You can power anything from an RV to a whole entire house. The possibilities are endless with the HQST 100 watt 12 volt solar panel, the investment is well worth it for a good price along with an even better quality.

Here’s some info I got from the comment review section at Amazon if you want to read it there:
A lot of experienced solar installers comment on how well HQST are made. The quality is top shelve.

People are surprised. You can read the reviews and see. A lot of times when you order a $100 panel you never know what will show up. And like me you hope that it’s not a “get what you pay for” moment when you open the shipping box. Other reviews are about how fast the units were mounted and put to use. There’s a reason it’s in the “what’s hot” category. Also people are commenting on how versatile the panels are.

There’s no issue of it sitting outside year round which a lot of times is not the case with inexpensive panels. Even know that’s what they are for, when corners are cut and panels are outside 24-7, 365 days a year they start to show a bit of wear. You know you have something good when people over and over say they will be ordering more soon! HQST 100 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Home made video that does what it needs to do. I saw in the video comments that the author got his 100 watts that he was aiming for once he did his calculations after the video was made.

Video Transcript

everyone solar panel came in today it’s bigger than I thought but the dimensions correct four feet by about two and a half feet something so i’m going to go ahead and open the box and see what we got good padding a half-inch thick one of those soft soft phone this is the HQ st model on amazon because with the mc4 connectors let’s see if there’s anything else alright so i’m going to go ahead and test this out on my balcony with my mini small aquaponic system but later on I’m going to be moving it to the patio area and power everything under the patio or in the patio area with this hopefully will power everything because there’s only 100 watts I don’t even have the battery yet so there’s no backup or anything so just going to test it we’re going to get to correct voltage amps that we’re going to get out of these 100 watt so I’ll be back after I do all that testing just setting this on the balcony door not even outside in the light yet and we’re already getting 11.7 4 volts so it’s almost a 12 maybe when indirect light he’ll probably boost it up to 12 but I don’t think it’s that bad because is getting 11 volts so I’m gonna go take it outside just connect an aquaponic system to it and let’s see how that goes I don’t have the MC for connection and everything yet but I’m just gonna you know Mickey Mouse something real quick to connect the cable and everything alright alright so I rigged it up on this a 5 volts car charger because it was getting 17 points something volts and I think it’s gonna be too strong for my USB power pump that only takes nine volts and I just connect to the cable back there you know just a poor testing right now so I’m it’s not going to be permit so it’s just loosely connected to the connection this is connected here um and it’s actually getting five point two five point zero two bolts when I tested it with this and it was getting 17 before that and in the water flow still pretty good so you don’t leave this here right now and hopefully I can get everything all connected as I move it later out to the patio area which isn’t gonna be too bad so actually got 17 points something as it was rated and if you guys want to know more information or like to watch more videos when I get this installed up on a patio area go ahead and subscribe for future video all right thank you notice i just noticed something from all the cell’s this one look like it shattered or something this way different from the others so look like it shattered I’m not too sure what to do about that we’re bucking just return it and get another one or something to just leave it alone but uh let’s see I don’t know

100 watt Solar Panels that have been located here
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