BP Solar Panels BP’s solar monocrystalline and multicrystalline panels are for residential and commercial use. BP cells are known for superior efficiency with polarized weatherproofing and in most instances has a 25 year warranty.

Their Frame strength is at the top of the list concerning requirements of certifying agencies. BP aquired Solarex in 1999 and has now become a major player in the solar field. Their thin film panels are in demand worldwide.

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Cool video how he has his BP solar panels hooked up.

Video Transcript

got all four panels hooked up for BP 29 30 watt panels and the winter meandered what no son no wind and every good day for testing ok I’ve got one grid tie inverter running they’re both thousand while but I’ve only got one running to put about 300 watts and have been trying to charge my batteries all day but I have hit a limit of 26 bolts with no son I went ahead and plug in all the great times just to see what would happen my solar panels are all in parallel its parallel with the winter when there’s no wind I’ve also got my great eyes in parallel but my running one but i’m curious is a better parallel the solar panels for the for the current or should I series a couple of them to get the voltage no probably better when a sunny day of course I put this up and then there’s no Sun like what about the wind turbine if there is no wind ok went ahead and shut down my grid tie my co charger batteries up there pretty low and showing 1 flash on the charge controller take about three hours this morning and get them up to 26 volts with no son well like to know if anybody has any opinions what’s the best wiring configuration I parallel them so i’m getting max current all the teams around between 26 and 32 volts just spend that much so I can get anybody has any suggestions on wiring I’d like to know what the differences I’ve seen a lot of system wired in parallel you get a lot of voltage no current I with a current will be better so anybody could post some ideas let me know


Here is info I collected to give you a breakdown on solar panels:

The Solar Power Pros and Cons

There is a lot to consider when going over the solar power pros and cons. With mounting environmental and economic concerns across the country and the world, clean, alternative energy such as solar power is an emerging option for both residential and commercial projects. As we discuss the pros and cons of installing solar panels the technology that makes this alternative energy possible continues to improve, making solar panels more efficient and affordable.

Before we go over the solar power pros and cons you first need to have an understanding of what solar energy is. Solar energy is power harnessed from the sun’s rays using “photovoltaic cells,” commonly known as solar panels. Large clusters of solar panels are capable of powering houses, large buildings, and vehicles. Then energy captures from solar panels is sent to a converter where that energy is then converted to usable form and then sent to a series of batteries for long term storage.

Depending on how much power you’re looking to produce, your project may require more or less panels. Typically though solar panels are arranged in large clusters, since a single solar panel can only produce a small amount of electricity. Although there are many pros and cons of different energy sources, the benefits and cost effectiveness of solar energy is increasing.

Discussing the solar power pros and cons can be a daunting task as there many areas that we could focus on in regards to solar panels and solar power. In this article we are going to focus on topics that are of most concern to everyday consumers.


An obvious pro for solar power is it’s limited (if any) impact on the environment. Solar power is extremely clean and efficient, as it burns no fossil fuels and therefore releases no harmful chemicals into the environment.

Cost – At first the cost of installing solar panels can be considered a negative since the initial investment can quite costly, sometimes in tens of thousands of dollars. The pro here is that your monthly energy expenses will decrease providing the potential for substantial savings. Though it may take a few years, consumers who purchase solar panels for their home or business eventually see a return on their initial investment. In addition to monthly savings you could also qualify for one of many tax benefits.


Another definite pro is that the source of your new solar panels is infinitely renewable. However the life of your panels will depend on the quality and design of the frame that protects them. Since solar panels are mounted in areas that are constantly pounded by the elements, it stands to reason that even the most solid solar panels will eventually need repaired or replaced. The lifetime of your panels will vary but on average they should last 5 to 7 years.

Climate & Geographic Location

For obvious reasons solar energy is less efficient in areas with minimal hours of sunlight. Fewer sunlight necessitates installing more solar panels or panels with greater efficiency (either way increases your upfront cost). If you live in an area like this, your location could be a definite disadvantage. On the other side of that coin, if your location receives a generous amount of sunlight your initial costs could be less.


This depends entirely on the individual(s). Some people find solar panels to be an eyesore, others don’t mind the way they look or don’t even notice them. A lot of solar panels are made up of solar cells that appear to be blue. Some companies such as CEEG do make an all black panel that offers a better look.

This solar power pros and cons list outlines a number of the common concerns of typical consumers. Ultimately the choice to purchase and install solar panels is your own. We advise that you take the extra time to research the right solar panel for your needs. Take some time and review the information on this website to insure that you make an informed decision.

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