BERNET 24000mAh…This unit has high output for as little as it is. Has 3 USB outputs. This little guy can charge 3 units at once and from looking at the reviews, it can actually deliver.

Has 2.4 A high speed charging. Like most of recent chargers it can handle iPads so I’m in and iphones, androids. So it is fully compatible with the majority of devices on the market today. This includes Galaxy, samsung. How they get this much punch is the newer battery technology that you can read about all over the net. Has nice rubber material surrounding it so it can take some abuse. These units are starting to remind me of Dewalt tools as far as exterior.

24000mAh high capacity is excellent for being away from power without having to lug around something that has weight to it. If you’re a hiker/camper you know exactly what I’m talking about. Also with these newer lightweight models that can actually store a charge you will start taking them to places with power but may just use this when the plugs are already in use. For example a crowded coffee house, you have some time and notice your iPhone is going dead, just plug it in.

I would say the wall outlet is going to be the way to charge this unit fast but it does charge with sunlight. As an example in emergencies where there is no power or you don’t want to use your car’s energy. But I would look at this as solar is used for keeping it topped off as they say not starting from scratch unless you have no choice. It will be like every other solar panel unless you get in to the expensive ones.

Things like the level of brightness will come in to play. You can’t overcharge the unit, has those bases covered which most things today I hope does. It also has short circuit protection which is nice. Goes in to “auto stop” when you reach a full charge. Which lets the unit live longer from less heat being generated.

Here’s one of Amazon if you want to read reviews.

Bernet no longer available…Here’s another with a fan:

In looking over the reviews there’s one that I really like. First of all the person is familiar with what the charger is capable of and he’s already has 3 other brands of various output capabilities. He’s not expecting to charge the whole house just the power sucking devices like phones, laptops, etc.

He was happy with the 2.1 amp output. All his devices were charging at the same time. Charges nice and fast from the wall. AND he stated the devices that his devices charge us as fast as when he is using the wall outlet. Excellent time saver.

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