Powerbanks are present in almost 1/3 of the users who own a smartphone. Why does this happen? For the simple fact that phone batteries don’t last too long, they usually die half through the day especially when used intensively. But the Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger is more than a powerbank, it’s a solar charger aimed for those who go in long trips and don’t have access to a power outlet. Therefore, whenever the sun is shining, your phone will get charged as well. And if the sunlight power is strong enough, your device will get charged as it would with its original charger (up to 2.4A per port).

Another interesting fact of the Anker 21W is that it allows one to charge two devices at the same time. These devices can be either a phone and a tablet, an Android phone and an iPhone, an mp3 player and a camera, etc. This aspect makes it highly valuable for those who go in remote trips and need quick charging power for their devices. Anker is one of the leading powerbank and charger manufacturers, with over 10 million users as of now. In this solar charger they decided to implement a multi-layered SunPower solar panel that retains 23% of the power and transforms it into energy, as compared to 15% of the power on a normal solar panel.

Having an ultra portable design and weighing just 15oz (0.4 kgs), this charger can be quickly strapped to a backpack, tent or tree. Therefore, as long as the sun is shining you can carry on with your trip without having to worry about running out of battery juice for your device. And we all know that campers need some time alone with their devices when the night comes, since it’s not the 1970s anymore. Furthermore, some people like to listen to music on their headphones while in a mountain trip, and this requires more power from the battery.

The Anker 21W is currently one of the best selling solar chargers in its range, and most of the people praise its charging speed and maneuverability.

Another great thing about the Anker 21W is the fact that it can be easily carried away, in a bag or in your hand. As long as the sun is shining it can be strapped to a tree or to the bag in order to provide extra juice for the gadgets.

Presently at Amazon if you want to read reviews:

In conclusion, those who enjoy trips and are usually far from a wall plug will make a good decision by choosing the Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger. It has some leading technologies present on-board and will never affect the charging circuits of your device, regardless of whether speaking about a low-end smartphone or one that is QuickCharge 3.0 certified.

With so many positive reviews from customers it’s hard to go wrong by choosing this charger. It has many useful features and it’s entirely reliant on solar power, so no electrical outlets are needed in the process as compared to normal powerbanks. It’s recommended to get this device if you travel a lot.

Good video on the Anker Solar Charger

what’s up guys happy Friday to you well as you can see from the video I’m going to do a kind of a quick review here on my brand new anchor solar charger that I got two days ago from Prime right now obviously I’m taping this video here with my iPhone but I just wanted to kind of give some props to this thing and a half-assed little review I mean there’s a lot of reviews on this thing already but what you basically get or what this basically is is a USB charger that accepts any USB cable which goes right in here see that little it’s just a little plastic receiver that they put in here and this is like a canvas material like a really durable canvas material but what they do they have a two USB ports where you can charge on each side and then it’s got like a little pocket here really cool so you could technically take your you know your phone or whatever and put it in that pocket keep it protected from the Sun and what it does is it takes a obviously sunrays converts them into electrical energy and then stores it into whatever battery you have plugged into the anchor unit so obviously my phone’s plugged into this so it’s putting power into the battery that’s sitting here into the iPhone just to give you a quick stat iPhone was a 10 percent when I came out here show you the Sun let’s see there’s my fenceline there’s the Sun you can see that it’s obviously well yeah obviously it’s five o’clock right now so I’m about to lose my son this was a 10 percent when I plugged it in about six minutes ago seven minutes ago it’s at 14% now so it’s gaining about five percent every five minutes a 1% a minute which is pretty awesome it’s a 14 volt solar charger so I believe it puts out that’s the one spec I should know I think it’s putting out four or five volts um yeah actually that’s a technical spec I’m going to put in the bottom I’m not sure how many I know it’s a 14 volt charger maybe it’s putting out 14 volts here but I don’t know got it I got to check the specs on that but um other than that this is the one that’s about 50 bucks on Amazon and what it does folds up like that folds up like that and then there it is to be able to be put away and it’s about the size of a sheet of paper so it’s got these really cool hooks on it so you can hook it up to a pack or whatever and then get charging capability out of it so that’s what’s kind of going on and you’ll see it’s Friday here so got me a favorite beer highligh bossa unsweet tea and this is my other newest latest coolest toy which is the Bose Soundlink mini which is a basically a portable USB bluetooth speaker so what I do is I come out here put the tunes on on the back of the truck hang out with the dogs just kind of enjoy being outside so this Bluetooth speaker was about 200 bucks it’s kind of built the same way like Apple creates their stuff with the aluminum case and I put some felt feet up on the bottom of mine so I don’t damage the bottom but this thing throws some serious sound for a tiny little speaker I mean there’s a there’s a can a beer and you can kind of see the size it’s pretty badass sounds a lot better than the beats pill when I listen to both of them together but that’s strictly opinion but yeah this is my little outside rig here so basically I use my phone I Bluetooth it to the Bose with you know pan door or whatever on and now I can finally keep my phone charged out here without damn thing dying on me because I got a really crappy iPhone 4s with a really old battery so yeah guys that’s my little review on the anchor solar charger and again don’t quote me on the on the voltage output I’m not sure if it’s just 5 volts or if it’s all 14 or what so check that on the specs but yeah happy Friday guys see ya

Anker 21W Dual USB Charger
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