80 Watt Solar Panels These size panels are usually for situations where you’re on the go, mounted in a mobile situation or something similar. With the right inverter and battery you can definitely be mobile. Sometimes mobile means just being able to follow the sun around the yard with your panel.

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Buying Your First Solar Panel Set

The question of how efficient a solar panel system is important in its viability as a profitable power generator. People often have the misconception that solar power is free because sunlight is free and so we should use solar power. But the development, production and implementation of solar power on a wide scale are dependent on how efficient solar panels are. Though the technologies of solar cell production have contributed to a rise of efficiency and a lower cost, solar cells continue to be an emerging technology instead of a widely utilized one. In this article, you’ll learn a few things about buying your first solar panel and the benefits of having each of the equipment outlined here.

Solar power is an important green energy technology as sunlight is virtually limitless in supply and does not produce pollution. Knowing how efficient are solar panels and how to increase efficiency will be important in spreading the use of this green energy. However, the efficiency may also be one reason why it can sometimes be expensive. But if you try to look at the bigger picture, using a solar panel system is cheaper in the long run.

Before you complain about the pricing, you need to consider the overall costs that it would take the manufacturer to produce the individual parts of the power system. In addition to this, keep in mind that you would also have to cover the percentage of profit that they would want to reap out of every single power system that they sell. After making the computations that will include the aforementioned factors, consider the current demand for such a technology and you would be able to get an idea of how much solar panels are.
You don’t really need to do this religiously. This is just an eye-opener to make you realize that although a whole set may seem overpriced, they’re really just right for the costs of creating one.

You should be prepared to shell out around 300 dollars for every panel that will produce 4.5 amperes of current. If you want to be able to supply more electricity to your home, then you obviously need to buy more panels and to shell out a bigger amount of money. You would have to prepare at least 1,500 dollars to get five solar panels, which is the usual number that most homeowners settle for. If you want to buy more to ensure that your house will enjoy a more steady electricity flow, then you obviously need to save more.
There are four main components of a solar panel set. The solar panel, controller, battery, and inverter.

Remember that solar panels only convert around 30% of the solar energy they receive, so the length of charging time may vary depending on the weather. A 100W solar panel would be enough to light 4-6 solar lighting bulbs overnight. This depends on the type of bulb you’re using and its electricity consumption. It’s recommended that you get a solar light bulb since they are more efficient when used on a solar lead acid battery.

Solar panels use no maintenance lead acid batteries. The solar panel wattage should watch the battery voltage. A 100W solar panel is compatible with a 12v battery.
The energy gathered from the solar panels will then be converted by either the controller or inverter. The inverter helps regulate the voltage and current flow. Some households don’t use inverters, that’s because they are unnecessary, especially if you will only use your solar panel set for lighting. However, not using an inverter may damage some of your appliances since the current of electricity is not properly regulated.

When buying a new solar panel set, you might have encountered an equipment called a “controller”. Getting a controller is optional, but it’s really one of the wisest investments you’ll make when buying a solar panel system.

The controller will regulate the voltage to keep the batteries from damage as it regulates the current flowing towards the batteries. This is a wiser and cheaper investment to keep you from buying a new battery. Some controllers have an LCD display which shows the battery charging process. If you know the time when the batteries normally go full, you can make adjustments on your consumption and charge time.

Usual controllers are comprised of a transistor while others have the PWM (pulse width modulation) and maximum power point tracking to keep the batteries fully charged. Some controllers also have a “consumer” slot where you can insert a solar lighting wire. Some controllers can be set so that the lights automatically turn on at the specified time.

You should familiarize yourself with the different techniques that you may use to lower the overall cost that you may use. For one, you should look into the DIY process that you can perform in order to install the panels to your home. You would be able to save a big amount if you perform the task yourself, instead of getting a professional to do the job. Try getting the individual materials at discount prices as well, for you to be able to cut off a substantial amount from your overall expenses.

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