7 Watt Solar Panels
Seven watt panels can be known as chargers also. Because of their small wattage sometimes they are used to charge small electronic devices like cell phone and such. The foldout models are nice and have an output up to 5 volts dc at about .9 to 1.3 amps in direct sunlight.

7 watt panels are so small you can even charge on your dashboard while you’re driving or in the back window. Just don’t forget it’s back there. Also make sure your phone is out of the sun while charging any length of time.

Ipads and tablets use 7 watts a lot of times as chargers. So just about anyone can use these panels. Good for anything outdoors and emergency situations. If you are a backpacker then these can be the perfect item on the trail. When buying make sure to check what kind of output hookup the unit has. USB is a popular connector.

There are amorphous solar panels available in this model if needed. There is one model that is built right in to the backpack. That’s is very slcik.

ECEEN 7 watt solar panel video review.

Video Transcript

hey guys welcome to another gauging gadgets tutorial video this video we have something a little bit different we have seen solar panel so this is a seven watt solar panel and it’s meant for charging cell phones things like that it does come with a 2000 milliamp battery that it’ll charge and also charge your cell phone directly or any other battery us let’s go ahead and get that is plastic this was really the only thing that came in the box besides some little marketing material or support information one thing that’s really cool to note about this is is flexible so i can bend it and hopefully it still works after that but that’s how it’s advertised so it must be durable for hiking perfect for hiking and then you have this really cool pouch on the back it has you can put your cell phone in you have carabiners perfect putting on the back of your backpack or whatever you want then you add some suction cups so you would put those on and you can do it to your window of your car as you can see right here we have USB out to micro-usb in some sort of adapter and then here is the two dozen billion battery right here so the device actually looks like it comes with the battery built-in which is awesome as you can see it’s one about so it should be able to charge his cell phone pretty quickly probably about this almost the same as most chargers I like the lights right here that’s very cool and that will be just part of it on their looks like it’s probably waterproof because this goes seal so you don’t have to worry about having it on the outside of your backpack if it’s raining or anything you can see just normal USB that all the way in and it’s nice and secure ok so right now i’m going to show you how the two thousand million battery will start charging it has a little indicator that changes soon as its is it’s really exposed to any light so you can see how there’s nothing on the lights at all this is like facing towards the window get the red light on the power button and then also those four indicator lights in there there’s one blinking showing that it is recharging which is pretty cool because there’s not a lot of light coming into this window so it’s very sensitive and which makes me happy but pretty cool i have been really impressed with this little pocket they have in the back of the solar panel so as you can see it’s got the permanent 2000 million power battery so this area right here is going to be pretty much taken up especially if you have the USB cord coming out of here so basically you can put a cell phone like this now if there’s a case on it or you have it plugged in you’re gonna have some trouble zipping it up right here this is where I think he’s seen as really thought of everything because what they do is they give you two zippers and this is the top of the solar panel as you can see so you can actually just leave it in there like that it’s sitting upright your phone is secure because it’s zipped up on the sides to do a little bit like that just to make it even more secure but you have to worry about it it a not being real close because the charger because it can just have it like a pocket and hack the phone kind of sit in there so that is really cool and I’m really happy that they added that feature of the two zippers guess I want to do a quick test of the solar panel show you just how much milliamp power it’s getting into the phone i’m using an app called the Emperor and this kind of measures right now it’s measuring how much power my phone is just using when it’s working so i can plug it in and then actually get an idea of how much is actually being supplied through the battery on the solar panel just give it a second i’ll take some time her to measure so 700 is that’s pretty good i would say normal wall charger is going to be around like maybe 750 maybe 800 I have some more heavy duty ones that are even up into the 900 range but i would say 650 to 700 is awesome and really great considering this is just a solar panel with a two thousand million battery on it so you’re gonna get you know steady charging out of it and just works great so this is my current setup I’ve attached the easting solar panel to my 40 litre rei pack and i have used two carabiners on these little hooks right here so it is very secure looks great i think it looks really cool and it seems to work very well one thing about this solar panels it’s very sensitive just the light in here is enough to make it really start charging you can see that it’s actually charging it just from the light coming in through the windows so I’ve done some tests on it I had it sitting in a window not getting direct light and it from dead completely dead I killed the battery and then to recharge it was about four to five hours when it wasn’t directly in the sunlight so that up in my opinion is going to be added directly in the sunlight at least gain some more sun than that probably even less than that maybe two hours so as you just saw on the voltage test around 600 million hours input so not bad not as good as a wall charger but from a little solar panel with a small battery I mean what more do you expect the price is great and it seems to be extremely durable also bendable of that so yeah I like this solar panel I’m going to continue to use this for a long time i’m just going to leave it on my hiking bag no reason not to it’s got the battery already included in its own off to worry about losing anything so i’ll just keep it and use it for a long time you have any questions please leave a comment my channel is gauging gadgets check it out go ahead and write this video if it helped you make a decision about the solar panel or solar panels in general and for a more detailed write-up checkout page engadget.com thank you so much for watching

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