5 Watt Solar Panels Five watt panels are usually used for maintenance but not always. They can charge up electrical components but it can take awhile. The good news with components getting smaller and smaller and power requirements going down a 5 watt panel can be perfect for more than just topping off batteries!

A good example in the old days, so to speak, camping trailer lightbulb would use 1.5 A of power, which is a huge drain when added to other lights and whatever else is needed during the night. These days going switching to LEDs in your electrical lighting will be quite an improvement. A ultra bright LED can use just .2 watts which makes power consumption go way down. Especially if you just need dim lighting. With new ultra bright low energy LED’s even reading by night light has become a reality.

In thinking the 5 Watt solar panel is used for maintenance also depends on the battery size. For instance if it’s a 5W panel connected to a car battery with a one-day charge you can run lights, water pump, if it’s allowed to charge during the day in direct sunlight. We all know what shade does to the charging capacity.

Another good thing about the 5W Panels is that the trickle in current is so small that you don’t need a regulator on the battery lots of times and or course this can vary with your needs.

You’ll need a charging diode but that’s commonplace with units these days, whether or not you will need a regulator will be decided by you in the end but a lot of people report that it is not needed.

5 Watt solar panel can be good for keeping batteries charged over winter. A lot of times they are used for things like gate openers and other things in the yard that used to require hard wiring to an electrical AC source. They just need a trickle charge to keep the battery stopped off and several panels are being made so well these days that they can stand a lot of weather abuse and so therefore they are waterproof for the most part

I like this video, basic explanation of the 5 watt panel.

Video Transcript

hello guys in front of me I have a 5 watt solar panel I want this on a competition holster by Robert Smith his Tube channel is Robert Smith three I guess I was went one and two were taken I want this back in July I know it’s been over a month and a half since I wanted but I haven’t had a camera all of August and I’ve been pretty busy for the past few weeks so I couldn’t get this video up but this arrived just over a month ago in August I have tested it out it’s pretty cool as you can see these are solar cells he installed everything for me and today I’m going to test it out see how it works I already tested this out but this isn’t the first time on video as you can see coming out of the back of the solar panel we have two cords two cables one red one black positive and negative charges or the negative wires sorry I’m not so familiar with the electric lingo as I am of computers and right here I have a an inverter it’s a car charger inverter I’m going to put a USB charger this that using my car into the inverter and test it out and see if it charges my GPS I’ve already tested since I charged my GPS my iPods and a few other USB things I also have a 75 watt outlet it doesn’t work as well because this is a five watt solar panel but let’s see how it goes I’m going to put this on the windowsill and I will be right back as you can see this is on the windowsill I live on the 11th floor of an apartment so I don’t really have a backyard to go and test it out or even a roof the roof is about another eight floors above me and go there but I’m going to leave it here it’s pretty secure and sealed in place by the window and you may not be able to see it but outside is pretty cloudy last night’s coming the Sun isn’t exactly out but it’s just to work I’m back down here I have the wires again I’m going to just match it up with red on red and black on black and this isn’t a primary connection as I’ve used this hole and for something else before so I’m just going to just make contact and it should work just going to leave it on the ground and here I have the inverter and I have the charger if I plug it in it should light up and there it is as LED light it means it’s working my USB this is the USB from my GPS I’ll show you that is charging I’m going to plug this in leave that there and this is my GPS I should be able to see it the green light is on it means it’s charging I could turn it on and I’m going to show you the word that says charging and here you may not be able to read it but it says charging right here there we go oh well there you have it this is the five watt solar panel that I received from Robert Smith just over a month ago from the July competition he wants a competition once a month from what I remember and he’s probably running one again so be sure to enter you could be the winner if you have a lot of these you can obviously power more than just charger for a GPS I’ve charged my iPods I’ve charged a few other things as well they all work pretty well it’s a 12 volts so it’s pretty good I plan on getting a battery for to store the power so I can charge some more things maybe charge my laptop on the go since my battery isn’t so great but yeah thank you Robert great solar panel good luck and if you ever need help with solar panel stuff he’s a person to go to if you need help with computers come to me

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