400 Watt Solar Panels There are good 400 watt solar panel systems on the market and finding the right one for your needs can be a little overwhelming. To get back to basics here’s info I found at the Renogy site which makes excellent self contained systems.

Renogy 4 Piece 100W Solar Panels

Over the years, solar panels have emerged as one of the most sought-after forms of alternative energy. And as expected, getting quality panels has remained a difficult challenge for many, especially seeing all the new brands in the marketplace these days. Quality solar panels should work in harsh conditions as well as provide efficiency and durability. Renogy 4-Piece 100W Solar-Panels provide an excellent and reliable option.

The panels are monocrystalline solar panel which are made from single crystal of silicon. They are more efficient than polycrystalline panels due to more room for movement of electrons. Such a panel is slimmer than its counterpart which means that it can be fitted within any space without having to worry about compromises on the quality. The panels are also anti-reflective and highly transparent that make for better solar energy conversion.

These panels can be easily connected to 12-volt batteries with a charge controller which is connected to an inverter. The inverter then converts it into standard 110 volts power for normal uses.

You may also tweak the system to provide higher outputs. Like batteries, 12 volts panels can be connected in parallel (positives connected together and negatives connected together) to increase the current. Similarly, if the panels are connected in series then voltage can be increased to power up batteries with higher volts (24 or 48-volt batteries).

These panels have high-modules conversion efficiency ensuring sufficient output even in low-light conditions. The panels would generally give an output of 500-watt hours per day but that could change because of sunlight availability.

Since the panel can be mounted permanently, they are made to endure high wind resistance (2400 Pa) as well as heavy snow loads (5400 Pa). They rest on a tough and corrosion-resistant aluminium frame capable of withstanding heavy force. Because of that, users don’t have to worry about their functioning in tough weather conditions. Whether you are driving or camping, these panel would very well carry on their functioning without giving any trouble.

The panel come with pre-drilled holes which makes the installation process easier. They can also be easily installed on different Renogy mounting system like Pole mounts, the Z-Brackets as well as the Tilt Mounts. Panels use MC4 connectors. These connectors are designed to stay connected even in the worst of conditions and they could only be disconnected with a special tool. That makes such connectors ideal for solar panel installation.

The panels have a dimension of 47 x 21.3 x 1.4 in and weight just about 16.5 lbs. Because of their smaller frame and lightweight, they would make an excellent choice for use in mobile homes or vehicles.

The product has 25-year transferable power output warranty. They claim 95% efficiency rate for first 5 years of use, 90% efficiency rate for 10 years and 80% efficiency rate for 25 years. The product also has a 5-year material and workmanship warranty that would cover unintentional damages to the panel.

These solar panels can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used for providing electricity in RVs, caravans, boats, or any kind of vehicle. They can also be used while camping since they are small in size and easy to carry around. They are also fit for outdoor installation like roof where they could provide electricity for home or any particular appliances. The panels are reliable for constant and efficient output of solar energy.

Here’s a good video on the Renogy 400 system. Showing getting them, unpacking and comments. There’s a link up above to a similar kit. by Renogy.

Video Transcript

hello welcome back it’s got my shipment of solar panels from Reggie is there it’s 400 watts model crystalline solar panel got the cables easy clamps 30-amp solar charger and let’s go ahead and set them up and start producing some power ok this here’s what all it came with 20-foot connector cable I mc4 connectors 8-foot battery connector easy easy clamp the wanderer 30 amp charger and then four panels all 42 over six hundred dollars and a total of 400 watts and this is going to be a add on to our previous panel it is a 100 what polycrystalline panels which would give us a total of five hundred watts of power but all I don’t think it’s too bad of a deal and consider what you get with the package state all right i got them up here and I got the two panels and two panels connected and I know that don’t make sense but for example i got two negatives on the top two positives on the bottom and then they coming over to the MC for connectors and joining up took me a couple seconds to figure out what was talking about how to kind of connect i kept coming up with three panels that not the fourth but then you know started looking at it and not realize what what it was here sorry-looking see that or not but to my hands- coming off on the one and then over here on the fat this is one negative section and our that’s one part of section that is connected by 20 foot cables to them to run into my charger I’m sorry the winds blowing and they want to get everything running it and i’ll just take the panels and reposition and both of them with that the easy brackets here take cock and put underneath it and place them down on them . self-tapping screws be good to go ok everything’s hooked up as you can see the Wonder charger 30 and charger although I do have one small complaint the difference between the wanderer and the standard renergie is that the rented the smaller one of them it has three slots meaning solar panel battery and then a place where you can turn put your light bc lights and able to turn your lights on and off by pressing this button the wanderer on the other hand does not have the extra slot although it is supposed to be a better solar charger or better p MW solar charger that is the only kickback that i have negative to say about it as for this charger and my another hundred watt solar panel I’m a hook it up on the born or just hook it up single and still have 500 Watts just have but it’s a little section they’re just have my own wires but you can see you know I wonder charger for energy 2001 power and rubber and I just have to 105 empower batteries

Panels are rated by watts that will tell you how much power a panel can produce. The amount of power generated will tell you how much energy your panel can produce also.

A panel using a 100 watts will charge a battery twice as fast as a panel that produces 50 watts given that all the other conditions are the same. Watts are comprised of volts and amps, if we look at a panel’s spec sheet you can see all this information in the same format.

Terms such as 12 or 24 for use in the solar industry indicate charge of capabilities for batteries. Panels rated at 150 watts and below are rated as 12 volt panels and compatible to charge 12 volt batteries banks. Panels rated at 250 watts and above are rated as 24 volt panels and are compatible to charge 24 volt battery banks.

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