130 Watt Solar Panels Pricing information splits in three cost categories: small quantity buyers, mid-range buyers and large quantity buyers.They are categorized upon their consumption and cost. It is clearly visible that over forty years the cost of cells and modules has fallen. For example in 1970 the cost of per watt is US$150 but now the cost of per watt is 0.60US$.

Stion Solar panels are a good example of 120 or 130 watt panels that can be found online. A place like ebay you can find enough panels to have a large system at about .70 a watt.

Below are mostly 130 watt panels listed at Amazon. If for any reason you don’t see a 130 Watt Solar Panels below look in the right column.

There’s sellers that buy closeouts from factories. Some in the USA, it’s not that anyone is going out of business, it’s just the technology is improving so much that panels become obsolete to the manufactures and they blow the panels out to wholesalers who buy large amounts of this stock. Then they turn around and sell it on eBay at stil very good prices.

You still get factory warranty in a lot of situations so it’s worth looking in to. If you buy large amounts, there will be shipping to pay also but I would think anyone buying a large system would know this and work it in to the cost of having a solar system.

So you can consider them still brand new stock when you buy it like this, it just has to move out to make room for next year’s model so to speak. Especially as output goes up on panels. A lot of these panels will have c4 connectors which are nice because of being weather proof or should I say better than most. Keep in mind how you wire your panels and the other components will dictate the guage of wiring that you will need.

I’ve seen systems lately that have thinner guages because the way the voltages are stacked up to be higher with certain inverters. When you get in to grid systems, most places require a licensed electrician to hook up. Usually with this type of system the installer has these details worked out. It is nice to have and some of the deals recently I’ve seen can make this a reality for more and more people.

Mounting of solar panels is of two types such as roof based mounting and ground based mounting. (Unless of course you pick up one of new flexible or folding type panels for personal projects) Both the roof and ground panels will need pole mounts or ballasted footing mounts and additionally ground mounts consists of foundation mounts.

The flexible panels are also becoming more common online at good bulk prices. My dream would be to have them on my roof instead of shingles but that is still a bit more out of my budget. I’ve seen situations where the adhesive type works as shingles.

On the above solar panels, there are 130 watts still available in bulk or one at a time. Check the sellers feedback and return policy. Check for warranty, just like you would do if buying in a walk in store.

If your system is big enough don’t forget the tax break you get these days. It can make a difference at the end of the year.

Happy Hunting!


For continued reading, here’s an article I found interesting on the pros and cons of solar power:

There is a lot to consider when going over the solar power pros and cons. With mounting environmental and economic concerns across the country and the world, clean, alternative energy such as solar power is an emerging option for both residential and commercial projects. As we discuss the pros and cons of installing solar panels the technology that makes this alternative energy possible continues to improve, making solar panels more efficient and affordable.

Before we go over the solar power pros and cons you first need to have an understanding of what solar energy is. Solar energy is power harnessed from the sun’s rays using “photovoltaic cells,” commonly known as solar panels. Large clusters of solar panels are capable of powering houses, large buildings, and vehicles. Then energy captures from solar panels is sent to a converter where that energy is then converted to usable form and then sent to a series of batteries for long term storage.

Depending on how much power you’re looking to produce, your project may require more or less panels. Typically though solar panels are arranged in large clusters, since a single solar panel can only produce a small amount of electricity. Although there are many pros and cons of different energy sources, the benefits and cost effectiveness of solar energy is increasing.

Discussing the solar power pros and cons can be a daunting task as there many areas that we could focus on in regards to solar panels and solar power. In this article we are going to focus on topics that are of most concern to everyday consumers.


An obvious pro for solar power is it’s limited (if any) impact on the environment. Solar power is extremely clean and efficient, as it burns no fossil fuels and therefore releases no harmful chemicals into the environment.

CostAt first the cost of installing solar panels can be considered a negative since the initial investment can quite costly, sometimes in tens of thousands of dollars. The pro here is that your monthly energy expenses will decrease providing the potential for substantial savings. Though it may take a few years, consumers who purchase solar panels for their home or business eventually see a return on their initial investment. In addition to monthly savings you could also qualify for one of many tax benefits.


Another definite pro is that the source of your new solar panels is infinitely renewable. However the life of your panels will depend on the quality and design of the frame that protects them. Since solar panels are mounted in areas that are constantly pounded by the elements, it stands to reason that even the most solid solar panels will eventually need repaired or replaced. The lifetime of your panels will vary but on average they should last 5 to 7 years.

Climate & Geographic Location

For obvious reasons solar energy is less efficient in areas with minimal hours of sunlight. Fewer sunlight necessitates installing more solar panels or panels with greater efficiency (either way increases your upfront cost). If you live in an area like this, your location could be a definite disadvantage. On the other side of that coin, if your location receives a generous amount of sunlight your initial costs could be less.


This depends entirely on the individual(s). Some people find solar panels to be an eyesore, others don’t mind the way they look or don’t even notice them. A lot of solar panels are made up of solar cells that appear to be blue. Some companies such as CEEG do make an all black panel that offers a better look.

This solar power pros and cons list outlines a number of the common concerns of typical consumers. Ultimately the choice to purchase and install solar panels is your own. We advise that you take the extra time to research the right solar panel for your needs. Take some time and review the information on this website to insure that you make an informed decision.


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