1000 Watt Solar Panels
1000 Watt Solar Panel…These are really the nice ones to have, usually coming as 4 panels but not always. I’ve seen reports of up to 260 watts of usable power from the output. Of course this will depend on the array, where and how it’s mounted and connected components. I really love the output juice you can get with these power panels.

It seems as if panels are getting lighter making them easier to handle, warranty is nice and their staying power is better than ever. Those cloudy days and angle obstructions are getting to be less of a factor. All I can say is it’s about time.

A “Worthy” Candidate for the Job

There are lots of good 1000 Watt solar kits on the open market, but after extensive research, and some past experience with one myself, I would recommend the ECO-WORTHY 1000W Off Grid Solar Panel Kit. They know exactly what they are doing. Period. You can tell in the quality and the performance of the product, and they are a known favorite in the industry with an excellent customer retention and reviews.

ECO-WORTHY 1000W Solar Kit – Benefits

A complete off the grid solar power supply system. You get six, 160W Mono Solar Panels and everything that you will need to install them and get them working. The kit is very easy to install, with male and female connectors for each panel. There are special bypass diodes pre-installed to prevent any power fades caused by shade and maximize performance in low light environments.You get a 45 amp charge controller and mounting brackets.

This kit is corrosion resistant and waterproof and built to last. The customer reviews were long and detailed, and mostly five stars. People are saying that the quality of this product is of meticulous design, and well worth the money. There are other manufacturers on the market, but they are offering the same things for prices up to $3000. (or more) That being said, the ECO-WORTHY 1000W kit will not only save you some serious money, it offers the same performance as some of the higher priced models, but it also has a pretty amazing manufacturer’s warranty.

ECO-WORTHY stands behind their product with an 25-year transferable power output warranty. What’s better than that, is that they actually go into detail and break down the warranty into smaller sections after that. You get a five-year, 95% efficiency rate promise, a 10 year 90% efficiency rate, an 80% efficiency thereafter until 25 years, and a five-year workmanship and material defect warranty to boot! The bottom line is, when you look at the benefits of installing the ECO-WORTHY 1000W kit compared to some of the competition, there really is none.

So, if you were thinking about getting a solar kit for your home, boat or RV, check one of these out, because you can save some serious money.

This HQST system is also very good, look at the reviews if you want:

Regardless where you buy your panels from just make sure you understand the return policy is something doesn’t meet your standards or your needs. A lot of sellers have excellent return policies and you can always check their feedback from previous customers. And what I was saying about Amazon Prime you can get panels and parts in 1 to 2 days free shipping a lot of times. That’s perfect when on the road or in the middle of a project and need an extra panel or parts.
We all want sleek with maximum output power. Easy to mount anywhere. Boats, RV’s, Home, Cabin, you name it. The downside of the net is digging through all the sites for info but the upside is you can find good reviews for different solar panel companies.

Buying in bulk is the real way to save but you also have to have a need. I guess you could always sell locally or plan on expanding. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy in bulk if you stop and look at your present and future requirements. I notice on Amazon that more companies are advertising directly from there. What I like about that is they are more prone to be on top of any problems in the shipping.

You can always get relatives, neighbors, etc to go in on the initial cost to keep the price down.

1000 Watt Solar Panel Kit – Start Saving Money for Pennies

There are numerous reasons why you could benefit from 1000-Watt solar panel kit. One of the best benefits of using solar energy is that you benefit from instant savings. From the moment you install your kit, you will start saving up to $100 a month or more, depending on what kind of system you’ve got, and what you are powering with it. Adding a solar kit will increase your home’s energy rating, and make it more visually appealing, and both of these things will add value to your home.

They have proven in studies by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory that homes with solar panels installed sell actually 20% faster on the market, and for up to 17% more money. On average, you can increase your home’s market price by $17,000 just from solar panel installation alone. Now, another benefit is that you will get incentives from the federal government. You will get a 30% payback for the total system cost including equipment and installation.

When you add in your state and local rebates, you’re almost getting half of your investment back from square one. Another thing is, you get the security of being able to leave behind unreliable electricity prices, as well as the underlying fear of sky-high electric bills in the more temperate months of the summer. When you add in the performance, the lifespan of solar panels, and maintenance cost (which are basically zero) of solar panel systems, you’re getting a tremendous value for the money.

Some of these 1000 watt solar kits are giving a 20 to 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on performance. That can only mean one thing. What that means from a business perspective, is that they know that those panels will still be working 25 years from now. They don’t want to give away their money. (or… they could be crazy.) Another benefit is that you’re saving the environment. Studies have shown that the average home solar panel kit will offset about 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide in a 20-year time span.

Lastly, using solar panel kits creates energy independence, which benefits both you and our Earth, by decreasing some of the strain caused by our dependency on materials like coal and oil, that we could eventually use up.

Over 1000 watt solar panels. Excellent video of a DIY install. Didn’t think of using the direct tv bracket mounts, he does mention that it’s a trial and hoping for the best. Looking good!

Video Transcript

ok youtube this is it. See those large panels right there? Those are 285 watt panels. Four of them set in series, 2 in series and 2 in series. So we have to hook together in series for total of eight amps 570 watts. So they’re wired in series which gives you eight volts. There 24 volt panels so wired in series it’s 80 volts and you see the other panels over there are my other system which is 580 watts, for a 12 volt system. These are going to be driving a 48 volt battery bank. I just put this up today. I don’t know how it’s all going to work out its use unirac from home depot on this and as you can see a lot of weight. update I’m a little concerned that my system my bracket system will hold you see these little in Iraq holders and then for the side panels on the ends i just cut this little piece of aluminum channel to hold it going around to the back of the panel’s another directv heavy-duty bracket it’s a lot of weight for that i really do hope it holds hate to come home one day and find my panels on the ground we’ll see how it works out I think I just need to come up with a system to secure it from on windy conditions to secure it from wobbling a little bit i think we’ll be alright as you can see you guys the positive going to the negative of the other panel and then that leaves you did positive and negative on one panel each which is in series and that pumps it up to 80 volts i’m going to be using a outback flex max 80 charge controller which i have on order i will be updating you guys on the progress of this whole thing when it comes to completion i have another set up just like this i need to put together so there’ll be another 1140 watt panel set up going up like this for a total of you know 20 280 wats but as you can see the size of those panels compared to those right there the ones to the right and you see the big difference and we’ll see how it goes I’ve been running when the other system over here refrigerator for nine days straight now the problem and watching TV and computers at night there you go my youtubers this is it wish me luck thanks

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