100 Watt Solar Panels 100 watt rating is based on 100 watts per hour that you will get from a panel in good sunlight is usually how panels are rated. And then there are factors like what the panel is made of, years in use, is it cleaned as often as possible.

If you start stacking these up, the more you have the better production of electricity will be made available. This goes without saying of course but sometimes it’s better to get several 100 watt panels as opposed to higher wattage panels. Sometimes it’s easier to very voltage output configuration this way also.

One thing that drives me crazy is having to remember to charge my battery between times that I go boating, out with the camper or even my motorcycle. That is why I have solar panels that can do the charging for me all the time. For my boat and RV camper, I have a small panel set up so it travels with the vehicle. It was easy to do, and saves me having to set up the trickle charger or an extension cord out just so I can get these units started! For my motorcycle in the warm and sunny months,

I just hook the trickle charger to the solar panels set up and trust that the sun will do the rest. That is important to me, the fact that with a solar panel I can harness the power of the sun. It is always there and often times shining, so why not put those sun rays to work for you? All I had to do was get a solar panel that could power whatever I want to keep running and just like that I am getting power with no utility bill.

Around Home Or Out In The Backcountry 100 watt Panels Will Provide The Power You Need!

I grew up on a farm and we had solar power for all sorts of things like water pumps for the animals, charging batteries on machinery that is not used all the time and even running lights at night off of charged battery packs. Why did we do this? Because it is super expensive to wire all these different things properly. I mean the water pump was a few miles away out in a field! Solar just made sense for those applications, and it just makes sense for me today still.

An example is WindyNation panels have been the perfect solution for what I needed. With the great price for the potential power produced and the clear installation instructions, they really have been trouble free. Also, the power controller that comes with the panels is great for making sure that I am not damaging what I am trying to charge! This gets me in trouble-free, no thinking operation of my boat, RV, and motorcycle. I can trust that they are charged, and ready to go, no matter what!

Getting the panels was easy, the set was super clear and straightforward. All the technical information was easy to get online at the different places on the net, they had everything that I needed all laid out and ready to go when it arrived. It was something that was easy to get going that I was looking for and was happy to find it.

If you need an electrical engineering degree to set your system up, then they are not any use to regular people. This WindyNation I was talking about was simple, straightforward, but they will also answer any questions that you might have. That includes the super technical questions, right down to the simplest ones. Service that reaches all levels, that is what you get with these panels.

You can spend more, and get less service and quality. You can also spend less and not get anywhere near this quality and service. WindyNation has it figured out and provides a quality product, with fantastic service and at a price that makes it actually worth getting into the solar energy world. They work for me, why not get them working for you too. So I thought I would mention them, of course there are others but these have excellent reviews on Amazon.

The real beauty is the cost. You can start on a limited budget and add on as you go. Sometimes when you’re in the middle of a solar project you find that your location needs to be moved or you find you have more room than you thought, adding more panels will be no problem.

The 100 watt panels these days are so light they are easy to maneuver in tight spaces, climbing a ladder, etc. On boats they are perfect whether they are fixed or movable. I love moving panels around in the yard when I can. Of course there’s nothing like an auto tracing mount system to track the sun but that’s not in my budget at this time.

I love videos like this where they discuss in details what they are doing. Especially when it’s items that are easily obtained.

Video Transcript

hey guys just want to do a little video for you for about a hundred watt solar panels. What you get around on them, this is a question i had when i was getting mine which is kind of reason that I got my setup to kind of get an idea of what it could do on what. I have is a hundred watt of energy solar panel with a PWM charge controller have got to six full duracell golf cart batteries wired in parallel. Positive negative to give me a 12-volt battery bank at 225 amp hours now what that means is i have a hundred watts and our charging capability and I’ve got 225 amp hours of capacity of my batteries. Now if you haven’t done a lot of research on this, the amp hours you have to take times amps which will give your wattage. So for 225 amps I’ll have 2500 watts to play and I can only take my battery’s down to fifty percent discharged. So i only have twelve hundred and fifty watts you know before i have to recharge your batteries that I can use so my panel by Renogy panel and peak hours usually get about 80 watts an hour on it. So all together without peak hours and everything probably have six to seven hundred Watts a day out of that one panel to use so depends on what I want to do it can charge my laptop’s a laptop is about 60 watts an hour to charge my iphone is about 50 watts my TV which have a really in an inefficient TV it’s a hundred fifty watts the xbox is 80 watts so it really depends on what I want to do so I’ve got that 1250 wats of battery capacity that I could use to drain my battery is down fifty percent they’re usually take me two days to charge it back up with that one Reggie or wat solar panel so I can run my TV you know for about six hours with the xbox to give you kind of an idea what you can run the fridge my fridge is a hundred watts an hour with the cycling on and off I can run it for about a day before the discharge from batteries right now I don’t have enough solar panel to charge it back up enough to keep it running all these arm but eventually at all what that want to i’ll be end up doing if you’re just getting into this my suggestion would be to get get you the hundred water energy solar veil kit with the PWM charge controller it’s not much different from MP t.t charge controller and it’ll get you a good start for around or 90 bucks the golf cart batteries I played around a little bit with the other ones the deep cycle batteries they seem to be a lot better batteries they hold up charge better they’re a little bit bigger batteries but if you get the underwater energy solar panel kit and if you get the two golf cart batteries you’re doing pretty good you can go ahead and buy you another hundred walk and later on and that with it a little charged up pretty good so if you have any questions or anything just short video to go over it don’t have any questions just leaving comments now try to answer thanks

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